Dermapen is a device used for microneedling. This procedure consists of creating hundreds of tiny, deep punctures in the skin in order to create new collagen.

How long has Dermapen therapy been used?

Dermapen was first introduced in 1995, when it was used during scar subcision procedure. Regardless of that treatment, in 1997 plastic surgeon A. Camirand used tattoo guns without ink to take-off tension from postsurgical scars. As early as 2000, microneedling became a widely used affordable procedure for collagen stimulation.

Dermapen used on face
Dermapen used on face

What is Dermapen treatment used for?

Twenty years ago, a full range of instruments used for this procedure appeared on the market. The standard was a dermaroller 2 cm in diameter with needles up to 2 mm long and 0.07 to 0.25 mm in diameter. It created about 250 punctures per square centimetre of skin. A few years ago, Dermapen gained great popularity. It is a pen-like device with dozens of fine needles that penetrate the skin about 110 times per second, creating controlled mechanical micro-damage. Many dermaroller models have too wide needles, causing too much damage to the skin surface, and minimal stimulation inside the skin. It is extremely important that the device has adequate standards in order to be effective.

How does dermapen or microneedling work?

Micro-punctures cause minimal damage to the skin surface, create minimal bleeding and immediately after the end of the treatment trigger a cascade reaction of skin regeneration. The skin reacts to micro-injuries by accumulating growth factors. Neovascularization and neocollagenesisis are initiated by migration of fibroblasts, and type III collagen begins to form as early as 5 days after treatment. Histological examination of the skin shows that after 4 treatments that are performed once a month, with a needle length of 1.5 mm, up to 400% more collagen is visible in the treated tissue after 6 months from the last treatment. Migration of fibroblasts may also explain the positive effect on pigmentation.

How is dermapen procedure performed?

The procedure is very simple and short. It is necessary for the patient to have an anaesthetic cream applied beforehand, in order not to feel the discomfort during punctures. The skin is cleaned with an antiseptic solution. If the procedure is performed with a dermaroller, the skin is tightened and the device is rolled over the skin vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. If it is performed with dermapen, a physician programs the speed and the depth of the dermapen needles.
At the end of the treatment, the active substance is applied to the patient face and a mask after that.

Is dermapen combined with other treatments?

Immediately after treatment, the patient’s face will be red. After 24 hours, the face will still be slightly pink, and small scabs can be felt under the fingers, but not observed. Skin recovers completely within 3 days from the treatment. Makeup can be applied after 24 hours of the treatment.

What are the indications for dermapen?

1. Acne scars
2. Deep wrinkles
3. Decreased elasticity and skin tone
4. Hyperpigmentation
5. Androgenetic alopecia
6. Stretch marks and stretch mark removal

What are the contraindications for dermapen use?

Dermapen should not be used in people who have any type of skin infection, active skin tumours, if they are on Roaccutane therapy, if there are open wounds or skin irritation, if the patient is pregnant.

If the treatment is carried out under adequate circumstances and with an adequate needle length, this is a safe and effective method of collagen stimulation with minimal period of recovery and minimal risks during treatment.

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