Rosacea – VBeam laser treatment

Rosacea is a chronic inflammation of the facial skin, with transient or permanent redness and visible dilated capillaries. Rosacea is characterized by facial skin dryness and hypersensitivity as well as tinging, burning and tightening sensations. Sun protection and avoiding provoking factors such as exposure to heat, cold, alcohol, stress are the most important forms of rosacea prevention.

There are different types of therapy, however, the redness and dilated capillaries can only be removed by a laser.
VBeam laser, Pulsed Dye laser-PDL is the gold standard when it comes to treating redness and dilated capillaries on the face.
VBeam laser treatments are very effective and completely safe even for the most sensitive skin.
There is no long period of skin recovery after the treatment, which makes it the most popular treatment in the world currently.

rosacea before vbeam laser treatment
rosacea before vbeam laser treatment
rosacea after vbeam laser treatment
rosacea after vbeam laser treatment

How does the VBeam laser work?

Candela VBeam laser is the latest version of the Pulsed Dye laser, 20 times more powerful and 18 times faster than other PDL lasers. It emits yellow light at a wavelength of 595 nm, which is absorbed by oxyhemoglobin, a red pigment found in blood vessels, when it passes through the skin. In this way, selective closure, destruction of dilated capillaries and other vascular changes occur without damaging the surrounding tissue.

VBeam laser has a dynamic cooling device, which emits a stream of cryogen along with the laser beam and lowers the skin temperature thus preventing its damage.

Redness on the face is significantly alleviated after a single laser treatment, and the capillaries may disappear completely.
The most important effect is the reduction of patient’s subjective problems: the disappearance of burning, tingling and stinging sensations on the skin.
The treatment can be repeated after one month in order to achieve better and more lasting results.

rosacea before and after laser treatment.
rosacea before and after laser treatment.

What does a VBeam laser treatment look like?

VBeam laser treatment is simple and has no side effects. The laser can be used to treat the face, neck and décolletage areas. A slight tingling sensation is felt during the treatment. Redness which appears after the treatment subsides in about 2 days.
A slight swelling can sometimes occur which can be alleviated by icing the area.
With stronger pulse energy, better efficiency is achieved, but smaller areas of the skin can get a bluish discoloration which completely subsides in 7 days.
Makeup can be applied to the skin immediately after the treatment, and the use of SPF 50+ creams for sun protection is recommended for one month.

How many treatments are necessary?

3 to 4 treatments at intervals of 4 to 6 weeks are usually required to completely clear the redness. Maintenance treatments can be performed later, if necessary. Kasnije se po potrebi mogu raditi tretmani održavanja postignutog efekta.

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