Summer Skin Treatments


During summer, some skin treatments are not recommended. Particularly the treatments that exfoliate the skin thus stimulating collagen production and increasing the possibility of developing pigmented lesions.

However, some treatments that can be performed during summer.

Among them are radio-frequency lifting, specifically endodermal lifting with Attiva. This procedure is performed under the skin and tightens the skin on the face, neck and on all other parts of the body where signs of aging and loose skin are observed.

Renuvion is a slightly more aggressive, but also very effective procedure. In just one treatment, Renuvion tightens the tissue and the result is seen in about fifteen days. It takes the same amount of time to recover from this procedure. Different parts of the body can be treated with Renuvion, including: chin, upper arms, thighs, stomach, knees, back…

When it comes to laser treatments, it is also possible to perform treatments for redness. Yelow or Vbean are lasers that are primarily used to treat redness. Good thing about these lasers is that they strongly stimulate collagen production by acting on blood vessels.

Non-ablative lasers (such as Vbeam and Yellow lasers) always require two to three treatments, as opposed to ablative ones, when only one treatment is sufficient. After the treatment with these lasers there is no downtime, so the treatments can be performed during summer as well.

Finally, hyaluronic acid and botox are the gold standard for face lift and wrinkle tightening and can also be done during summer.

dr Svetlana Đurišić

image: tomas salas

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