Post-acne erythema — Vbeam laser treatment

Acne is the most common skin problem in adolescents, but can also be present in adults. Inflamed pimples, pustules and nodules require a long-term therapy, but after their healing , red spots and scars remain even longer.

Spots caused by pimples are in shades from red to purple, last for months and can hardly be hidden with makeup.
They are a consequence of a post-inflammatory skin process, and are especially observed in light-skinned people.

Red-bluish spots caused by acne are formed in sites of a strong inflammatory process, where numerous inflammatory cells accumulate and blood vessels dilate. The dilated blood vessels sometimes recede after 12 weeks, while the purple discoloration can persist longer.

The inflammatory process can severely damage the skin cells and cause the formation of indented scars, which are initially not observed due to erythema. The recommendation is to first address erythema, and after that, perform the treatment of indented scars with appropriate lasers.

How does Vbeam laser work in case of red spots?

Vbaem laser is a completely safe, non-invasive treatment that improves the colour and structure of all scars.
Vbeam laser device emits light with a wavelength of 595nm, hitting the red pigment in blood vessels. In this way, it allows the closure of dilated blood vessels, and also stimulates the production of collagen in deeper structures, allowing for the scars to fill in and for the skin to regenerate.

After the first treatment with VBeam laser, the spots will be paler by 30-50%.
After repeated treatments, redness recedes by 75-90%.
The production of collagen also leads to the filling in of those indented scars.

Rosacea before treatment with Vbeam laser
Rosacea before treatment with Vbeam laser
Post-acne erythema — Vbeam laser treatment
Post-acne erythema after treatment with Vbeam laser

What does the Vbeam laser treatment look like?

Laser treatmentis simple and fast, red scars are treated in a targeted manner.
It is painless, with a burning sensation resembling a tightening of a rubber band, lasting from 15 to 30 min.
The skin is protected during treatment, thanks to the cooling system, which releases cryogen prior to the laser pulse.
After treatment, ice is applied, and the treated areas can be covered with tinted creams.

How does the skin look like after treatment?

After treatment, the skin will be red for 3 to 4 days.
Sometimes round swellings can occur, which recede in 2 days, and can be prevented by applying ice compresses.
If you want to achieve a quick effect, you can apply stronger laser energy, which will leave purple discoloration, resembling bruises that will recede completely in 7 days.

Moisturizing and regenerating creams are applied daily on the skin as recommended. Moisturizing and regenerating creams are applied daily on the skin as recommended. After treatment, sun protection is required, creams with SPF 50+ for a month, to prevent the development of hyperpigmentation.

How many treatments are need?

After the first treatment, red spots can fade by 50%.
Depending on the intensity of red-purple-bluish scars, it is necessary to perform about 3 treatments, 4 to 6 weeks apart. Due to the beneficial effect of indented scars filling in, treatments can be continued until satisfactory results are achieved.

Vbeam laser treatment is popular among patients, because it is effective, simple and does not require recovery period.
In addition to the disappearance of red spots and scar filling in, VBeam laser causes the entire skin to tighten and get fresher look.
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