Price list

Service Description
Dermatologist consultation3000 RSD
Dermatologist follow-up consultation2000 RSD
Mole examination — Dermoscopy3000 – 3500 RSD
Mole mapping (dermoscopy)6000 RSD
Skin prick testing3500 RSD
Skin patch testing5000 RSD
Service Description
Biopsy with pH analysis10000 RSD
Mole removal using radiofrequency with pH analysis
Removal of more than 3 moles with pH analysis
10000 RSD
7,000 RSD per mole
Surgical mole removal with pH analysis17000 RSD
Removal of papillomas, fibromas, keratosis using radiofrequency3,000 — 26,000 RSD (depending on the number of lesions)
Removal of soft fibromas with pH analysis8000 RSD
Removal of viral warts2000 – 5000 RSD
Removing groups of viral warts5000 – (depending on the number of lesions) RSD
Removal of condylomas2000 RSD
Removing groups of codylomas5000 – (depending on the number of lesions) RSD
Service Description
Medication application5000 RSD
Injection1000 RSD
Swab specimen collection500 RSD
Swab (Urethral)1000 RSD
Swab (Urethral Kit)3000 RSD
Mycological test (microscopic examination)500 RSD
Mycological test (culture)1000 RSD
Service Description
Chemical peels5000 – 8000 RSD
Scar removal using radiofrequency6000 RSD
PRP treatment without hyaluronic acid19000 – 24000 RSD
PRP treatment with hyaluronic acid30000 RSD
Jalupro facial mesotherapy12000 RSD
Mesotherapy – Face and Décolletage18000 RSD
Mesotherapy – Body6,000 RSD — (depending on the surface to be treated)
Lipolysis9000 – 24000 RSD (depending on the surface to be treated)
Application of hyaluronic acid – 1ml30000 RSD
Application of hyaluronic acid – more than 2ml24000 RSD per millilitre
Profhilo treatment30000 RSD
Application of Botox or Dysport12 0000 – 48000 RSD
Carboxytherapy (under-eye circles)4000 RSD
Carboxytherapy (stretch marks)5000 – 10000 RSD
Carboxytherapy (cellulite)6000 – 8000 RSD
VBEAM Laser – Face6000 – 18000 RSD
Laser pigmented lesion removal (AlexTriVantage)50 — 300 euros (counter-value in RSD)
Laser Tattoo Removal Q-Switch (AlexTriVantage)from 6,000 RSD (depending on the size and amount of colour of the tattoo)
Fractionated CO2 laser for facial scars30000 RSD
Fractionated CO2 Laser for face+neck+décolletage72000 RSD
Fractionated CO2 Laser for Face Rejuvenation36000 RSD
Fractionated CO2 Laser for face+neck+décolletage Rejuvenation48000 RSD
Fractionated CO2 laser for eyelid rejuvenation24000 RSD
Fractionated CO2 laser for décolletage rejuvenation30000 RSD
Fractionated CO2 Laser for neck rejuvenation30000 RSD
Fractionated CO2 Laser for hand rejuvenation18000 RSD
Endodermal radiofrequency ATTIVA – face48000 RSD
Endodermal radiofrequency ATTIVA – eyelids15000 RSD
Endodermal radiofrequency ATTIVA – under-eye circles15000 RSD
Endodermal radiofrequency ATTIVA eyelids + under-eye circles24000 RSD
Endodermal radiofrequency ATTIVA – lower part of the face30000 RSD
Endodermal radiofrequency ATTIVA neck+double chin36000 RSD
Endodermal radiofrequency ATTIVA neck30000 RSD
Endodermal radiofrequency ATTIVA – double chin24000 RSD
Endodermal radiofrequency ATTIVA – region around the lips15000 RSD
Endodermal radiofrequency ATTIVA – stomach40000 – 60000 RSD
Endodermal radiofrequency ATTIVA – knee36000 RSD
Service Description
Hair Removal 
Prices for laser hair removal for women: 
• upper lip hair removal3000 RSD
• chin hair removal4000 – 5000 RSD
• double chin hair removal5000 RSD
• sideburns hair removal4000 RSD
• upper lip, chin and double chin hair removal5000 – 8000 RSD
• armpit hair removal6000 RSD
• arm hair removal10000 – 12000 RSD
• bikini line hair removal10000 – 12000 RSD
• upper legs hair removal20000 – 24000 RSD
• lower legs hair removal18000 – 20000 RSD
• buttocks hair removal10000 RSD
• legs hair removal30000 – 36000 RSD
• legs hair removal36 000 – 42000 RSD
• areola hair removal4000 – 6000 RSD
Prices for laser hair removal for men: 
• face hair removal12000 RSD
• armpit hair removal7000 – 8000 RSD
• arm hair removal14000 – 18000 RSD
• legs hair removal48000- 54000 RSD
• face hair removal12000 RSD
• back hair remova12000 – 24000 RSD
• stomach hair removal12000 RSD
• chest hair removal10000 – 12000 RSD
• stomach and chest hair removal14000 – 18000 RSD
• buttocks hair removal12000 RSD

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