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Surgical Interventions Dermatim

About surgical interventions

Surgical interventions are procedures used to remove dermal lesions located on different body parts with a surgical knife.

Skin or mucous membrane changes are removed under local anaesthesia. Local anaesthetic is introduced with a small, insulin needle in the area below and around the lesion we want to remove.

The procedure of introduction of a local anaesthetic is not painful except on feet, hands or nose.

Surgical removal of skin lesions

Surgical removal of skin lesions is the only removal method where we can be completely sure that every cell of the dermal lesion will be cut off. This method completely removes all three skin layers, and the edges of the incision are sutured together.

Depending on the location of the lesion, the sutures are removed in 5 to 15 days.
Absorbable sutures can also be applied when the skin surface is covered with sterile patches.

Surgical intervention is indicated for all lesions that show signs of dysplasia or malignancy, with mandatory pathohistological analysis.

All major lesions are surgically removed.

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