Removal of adipose tissue – atheroma

Atheromas are epidermoid cysts that have a white sac with a fatty substance inside.

Atheroma removal using radiofrequency

If the atheromas are 5 to 7 mm in diameter, radiofrequency can be used for their removal.
Under local anaesthesia, a millimetre incision is made in the skin using radio waves and the atheroma sac is removed with tweezers. There is almost no scarring left on the skin after the intervention.
It is particularly suitable for the genital region. Middle aged people can often develop multiple atheromas on the testicles or vulva.
This method cannot be used to treat atheroma on the scalp because the skin on the scalp is very thick and has rich vascular supply.


Surgical removal of atheroma

Surgical removal is most often used to remove atheroma.
Patients notice subcutaneous fat lumps only when they reach a certain size on the exterior. By that time, they have already developed in depth, so their size usually exceeds 1 cm.

It is surgically important that the entire sac is removed. If even the smallest part of the sac remains under the skin, the intervention will need to be repeated in a while. When the inflammation of the adipose tissue occurs, the sac bursts, disintegrates, and the surgeon is often unable to remove it completely.
If possible, you should allow for the inflammation to subside and only then proceed with the intervention.
Unfortunately, sometimes there is such a large content of pus caused by the inflammation of the atheroma, that it is only possible to make a small incision in the skin so the content can be discharged. Only upon healing, the atheroma can be completely removed.

It is very important that patients do not squeeze the atheroma on their own. This can compromise the circulation and create painful and severe inflammation.
If the inflammation already exists, by squeezing the atheroma, the purulent content can be pushed deep towards the larger blood vessels and cause the inflammation of the surrounding subcutaneous tissue or septicaemia.

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