Haemangioma removal

Haemangiomas are small red growths on the skin, benign lesions, caused by proliferation of vascular
endothelial cells . . They most often appear on the trunk and limbs and represent only an aesthetic problem.
More often are present in women, so it is believed that, in addition to genetics, sex hormones also play an important role in their development.

There are several types of haemangiomas, the most common being:
Cherry angiomas – small red cherry-like growths, most often found on the trunk and upper extremities.
After 40s, their number increases spontaneously.
Spider angiomas (or spider naevi) – the lesions containing a central, red spot and reddish extensions which radiate outward like a spider’s web. They occur in children and adults.
Venous lake – bluish or red papule often located on the lip.
Port-wine stains – purple or red mark different in shape and size that appear at birth.

What does laser haemangioma removal look like?

Candela Vbeam laser effectively treats all vascular lesions on the skin. The laser emits a beam of yellow light of great energy that is selectively absorbed by haemoglobin in blood vessels, followed by a coagulation.
Only blood vessels are selectively closed, without damaging the surrounding tissue.
The device contains a cooling system which protects the skin surface from damage, and the pain sensation is minimal.
There is no danger of scarring, and laser treatment is safe to use even in children.

What happens after treatment?

Treated areas may be red for the next 7 days. The most common side effect is bruising,
which is the most pronounced during the first few days and recedes in 3 to 10 days.
A scab forms at the location of the angioma, and disappears in 7 to 10 days.
After the treatment, the use of creams with SPF 50+ is mandatory.

How many treatments are needed to remove a haemangioma?

1 to 3 treatments one month apart will be needed for haemangioma removal.
Spider angiomas located on the face and trunk can be removed with 1 to 2 treatments.
Laser treatment is not the first choice for removing spider angiomas on the legs. Sclerotherapy is used instead.
The best effects of removing port-wine stains are achieved on the face and neck with 2 to 4 treatments, 2 to 3 months apart.
Port-wine stains on the hands and feet have the slowest response to therapy, so more treatments are needed to remove them.

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