Botox for Neck Rejuvenation

When the first signs of aging appear, patients often focus entirely on the face, overlooking numerous changes in the neck. One of the recommended treatments for neck rejuvenation is – botox.

Skin on the neck becomes sagging under the jawline and shallower or deeper wrinkles can be observed. As we age, our skin becomes more sagging, wrinkles and lines start showing and become deeper. This is particularly visible on the neck. Most of the wrinkles that are observed on the face and neck are the so-called dynamic wrinkles, caused by repeated contractions of the a group of muscles. On the neck, the muscles also pull the skin down, leading to sagging skin and visible wrinkles, and vertical lines that develop with the natural aging process and become more apparent over time. Since the skin volume decreases, it becomes more and more loose, which makes the wrinkles and fine lines stand out even more.

“Both patients and doctors often neglect the neck, when it comes to rejuvenation procedures,” says our doctor Svetlana Djurisic.

That is why botox, which affects muscle function, is an adequate treatment for dynamic wrinkles, both on the face and neck. For patients who want to rejuvenate the neck area, botox will eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, but will also lift and tighten the skin.

After injection, botox stops the transmission of some neural signals relaxing the muscle hyperactivity.

The effect begins the following day, and the final result is visible after 10 days. The effect lasts up to 6 months after which it can be reapplied.

“What botox can do slighly loosen the connections of the muscles on the neck. When we swallow or move our head, the shriveling of the skin will improve by about 60% with botox. Of course, it is not the sole procedure to be used for neck rejuvenation, but it is one of the very important.”

New research indicates that botox is also a collagen stimulator, which means that after the treatment, the surface of the treated skin will have better quality.

“Botox is completely safe when properly injected into the neck and cannot cause swallowing problems. Of course, if, in places where it is injected, an excessive dose is applied or inadequate depth, then it can cause problems in raising the head and in swallowing. That is why it is very important that botox is administered by an experienced doctor, “says Dr. Djurisic.

Botox treatment can be repeated over years, without fear of deforming the face over time or making you dependent on this procedure.


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