Dilated capillaries

Dilated capillaries or Telangiectasia are broken or dilated blood vessels located on the surface of the skin. They can form red or purple lines, and with an increased density of broken capillaries, a purple mark can form on the surface of the skin. Once created, telangiectasias cannot resolve spontaneously, on the contrary, they become more pronounced over time. There is no cream that can cure them. They can develop in otherwise completely healthy people, in people with varicose veins, as well as in people with some systemic diseases.

Dilated capillaries – Causes

The exact cause of capillary dilation is usually unknown. The triggers can be: * Genetic predisposition * Long and excessive sun exposure * Pregnancy, contraceptives or overweight * Skin trauma, surgical interventions * Prolonged alcohol consumption * Intake of anticoagulants (blood thinners). Some diseases can cause dilated capillaries: rosacea, autoimmune connective tissue diseases, various congenital disorders, and liver diseases.  
dilated capillaries
dilated capillaries

Is a treatment of dilated capillaries necessary?

It is necessary to contact a physician if they appear suddenly and in large numbers during a short period of time. This could indicate some of the above listed health problems. In most patients, dilated capillaries represent an aesthetic problem. Dilated capillaries can be found on the face or body.

Is it safe to remove dilated capillaries?

If an adequate method and a skilled physician are chosen, it is completely safe to remove capillaries that are dilated and represent an aesthetic problem. The disappearance of such capillaries will not reduce the nutrition of the skin, which is a common fear of patients. For more information about laser removal of dilated capillaries, click on the link. Read more about sclerotherapy.
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