Soft fibromas

Soft fibromas (or skin tags) are benign tumours on the skin, most often found on the neck, eyelids, armpits and groin. The cause of their development is unknown, although it is thought to be mostly genetically conditioned. They are very common, occurring in about 50% of the population. They are soft, flesh-coloured or slightly darker, often on the on a thin piece of tissue called a stalk. They do not show any symptoms.

How are fibromas removed?

Since it is a completely benign lesion, its removal is not required. It is most often done for aesthetic reasons. Also, since fine blood vessels are located in the central part, sometimes skin tag can get twisted causing a disruption of circulation, leading to inflammation and pain. Here at Dermatim, we use radiofrequency removal under local anaesthesia. After the intervention, superficial scabs can be found on the skin, and they fall off in a few days without leaving a scar.
neck skin tags
neck skin tags


Dermatofibromas are benign tumours of the skin. Most often they appear on the legs and hands, less often on other body parts. Most often patients think they have an ingrown hair. They are hard, slightly raised or indented, of darker colour than the surrounding skin, although they may be whitish in the central part. When pinched with two fingers, a slight depression is formed.

How are dermatofibromas removed?

The removal of dermatofibromasis not necessary, most often it is done for aesthetic reasons, although sometimes the removal may not give satisfactory aesthetic effect given the depth where they are located. The removal method depends on the size of the growth, and either radiofrequency (when growths are up to 5mm in diameter) and surgery can be used. Both methods are performed under local anaesthesia. The sample must be sent for pathohistological verification. Very rarely atypical cells are found, though it happens more often in lesions that grow rapidly and which are over 1cm in diameter.
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