Asclepion – diode laser for hair removal

Asclepion is a German company that manufactures safe and proven laser systems, putting patient safety first.

What sets it apart from others is the diode laser head whose material does not allow for the hair to stick to its surface. This prevents the patient being burnt by stuck hair during treatment, providing exceptional safety. The diode laser is intended for removal of strong, dark hair.

The cooling system is located next to the exhaust air and decreasing the skin temperature to 0 degrees, it neutralises the warm laser beam. It is adapted to all skin types, which makes it safe for both dark and sun-kissed skin.

Asclepion diode laser for hair removal
Dermatim – Asclepion diode laser for hair removal

Asclepion is a newer generation of hair removal lasers causing minimal pain during treatment, easily adjusted to the patient’s threshold. It has different options for the speed of air release, so it is possible to perform a treatment of the entire leg in only 20 minutes.

Diode laserhas an advantage overalexandritelaser when it comes to back hair removal in men, because the diode beam penetrates deeper than alexandrite.

Our diode laser also has a probe for alexandrite laser, so during one treatment, the skin can be treated with both probes. This significantly reduces the number of treatments required.

Diode Laser Hair Removal – Price

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