Lasers in Dermatim clinic

In Dermatim clinic, we use the following dermatology lasers:

Vbeam Candela PDL-Pulsed Dye laser

Vbeam Candela PDL-Pulsed Dye laser – emits yellow light with a wavelength of 595nm and is used to treat various vascular lesions: rosacea, dilated capillaries, red acne scars, congenital hemangiomas, spider angiomas, melasma, red scars and keloids.
So far, no better technology has been developed to remove facial redness and congenital red hemangiomas.
Recovery from the laser treatment can last from 3 days (mild redness) to 14 days (purple traces), depending on the energy used. Individually, mild swelling lasting 2 to 3 days may occur in the treated region.

Asclepion vascular diode laser

Asclepion vascular diode laser with a wavelength of 910nm, strongly closes the large purple capillaries on the face, as well as all types of capillaries on the legs.

Q-switch Candela Alex TriVantage laser

Q-switch Candela Alex TriVantage laser – emits laser beams of different wavelengths: 755nm, 532nm and 1064nm, which target the appropriate pigment colour when removing tattoos (black, blue, green, red, purple, orange and brown), it is also used to remove spots, freckles, melasma and congenital or acquired hyperpigmentation. The characteristic of this laser is that it has extremely short pulses that cannot damage the skin.
When properly operated, it is impossible to make a scar even if a superficial scab forms after a treatment or sometimes mild blisters.

Cortex fractionated CO2 laser and Erbium / Yag laser

Cortex fractionated CO2 laser and Erbium / Yag laser – emit light with a wavelength of 10600nm, and the combination of 2 laser systems enables deep renewal and tightening of the skin due to strong collagen stimulation.
They are used to treat all types of acne scars, and scars after injuries and surgical interventions.
These lasers are used to rejuvenate the skin, remove fine lines and wrinkles, treat stretch marks, exfoliate the face and remove enlarged pores, tighten the skin of the upper and lower eyelids.

Candela GentleLase Alexandrite laser

Candela GentleLase Alexandrite laser – wavelength 755nm and Asclepion MeDioStar NeXT diode laser, wavelength 800-950nm are used for permanent laser hair removal of unwanted hair from almost all parts of the body. Alexandrite laser is more indicated for lighter and thinner hair, while diode laser is intended for strong dark hair. The best results are achieved by combining the two.

Usually, patients have up to 5 treatments, 6 to 12 weeks apart, depending on the region being treated.
The treatments are slightly painful, or better said unpleasant. The pain sensation depends on the amount of energy used.
The higher the energy during the application, the more intense the sensation. The number of treatments depends on the intensity of energy.
It is possible to make the treatment painless, but the patient must then be prepared for 7 to 10 treatments.
The hairs are permanently or long-term removed (do not grow back for 5, 10 or more years). The exceptions are the facial region in women and the back region in men, because these areas are hormone-dependent.

ATTIVA endodermal radiofrequency

ATTIVA endodermal radiofrequency – for skin lifting, uses the latest technology of subdermal thermal stimulation of collagen, which is used to tighten and lift all regions of the face, upper and lower eyelids, sagging skin of the neck, lifting the chin, sagging skin of the abdomen, upper arms and thighs.
At higher temperatures, it is used to treat cellulite and melt smaller fat deposits.

Pelleve Radiofrequency Lifting

Pelleve radiofrequency lifting is a treatment use to tighten the skin by stimulating collagen with controlled elevated temperature.
After 3 treatments, one month apart, the skin becomes tighter and slightly lifted.
Carboxytherapy is based on the use of medical sterile CO2 gas. Injecting carbon dioxide into the subcutaneous layer of skin stimulates circulation, creates new blood vessels, increases the flow of oxygen and stimulates collagen and elastin.
It is used to treat dark under-eye circles, tighten the skin, lift the skin, improve skin quality, treat stretch marks and cellulite.
In general medicine, it is used for diabetic foot, varicose veins and leg ulcer (ulcus cruris).

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