When and how to start skin care routine?

kada i kako poceti sa negom lica

When and how to start skin care routine is the question our patients in Dermatim Practice frequently ask.

If we all lived in ideal conditions, without environmental pollution, then daily skin care routine would begin only at the age of thirty, when the level of collagen produced by our body begins to decline significantly.

However, since we live in a very polluted environment, it is necessary to start daily facial cleansing and even some mild hydrations during puberty.

Facial cleansing involves either the use of liquid soap-free products that are not aggressive and do not change the skin’s natural pH or the use of micellar water, which, regardless of the manufacturer’s recommendation, should be washed off after use.

When and how to start skin care routine

Between the age of twenty and thirty, it is enough to use creams containing urea, which nicely hydrates the skin, and panthenol, which nourishes it. These are the creams with light textures that will only prevent for the cleansed skin, whose natural PH has been slightly changed, to dry out.

After the age of 30, skin care routine implies the mandatory use of daily sun protection. Of course, it is also desirable in the earlier period, it is even recommended for the youngest, i.e. starting from the age of three. After the age of 30, this is very important because the natural production of collagen and coenzyme Q10 is reduced. Thus, our natural antioxidant is lost and in this period it is very important to start applying sun protection, since sunlight is one of the leading aggressive factors for our skin, in terms of oxidative stress and release of free radicals.

This is the period when you should start using substances that compensate for the release of free radicals, i.e. neutralize them. These substances include coenzyme Q10, retinol, vitamin C, i.e. all substances that have antioxidant effects.

Collagen creams can also be used. However, it is debatable if they have an effect on skin rejuvenation.

Hyaluronic acid in creams is an extremely good substance because it binds a large amount of water, which protects our skin barrier from dehydration, and also protects its oily layer and prevents it from getting wrinkled.

After the age of 35, it is necessary to start with some additional dermatological or beauty procedures. These procedures may include mesotherapy, PRP, chemical peels and, possibly, laser treatments and hyaluronic fillers.

Dr. Svetlana Đurišić

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